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Lite Up The Nite ® Eugene,OR
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LED Frisbees
Slingshot powered helicopters that leave a whirling trail of bright color. Batteries Included.  The Supers go higher and last longer!
A LED Frisbee. Need we say more? These are a blast after the lights go out. How can you not at least toss the idea of getting one around? 175 grams each.  Replaceable batteries Included.
LED Helicopters
$3-$5 Each
LED Orbit Gun
Amazing color patterns that look even more amazing with the slightest flick of the rist... Pull trigger to engage lights and taser auditory sounds. Batteries included. 
$9.00 Each
Fiber Optic Space Gun
Multiple changing colors of fiber optic lights entertain kids of all ages (adults included).  Pull trigger to engage lights and taser aditory sounds. Batteries Included.
$8.00 Each
New Product!
New Product!
Great stocking stuffer!
$20.00 each
LED Fidget Spinner
Keeps kids of all ages entertained day and night!  Each LED has 6 different color settings that allow you to find tons of different designs and patterns!  Replaceable batteries included.
$12.00 Each or
2 for $20.00    
New Low Price!
Regularly $30!