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Lite Up The Nite ® Eugene,OR
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Fiber Optic Whip
Best Seller
Space Lace Fiber Optic Whip Accessory
The  only flashlight in the World with multiple light up accessories! It has 27 color modes and is threaded at the lens, allowing the user to twist-on fiber optic whips, light sabers and more. 

*1 Stellar Series Flashlight 
*Multiple fiber optic accessory options (whip variations, light sabers and tails). 
*Powered by 1 AAA rechargeable lithium-Ion battery (3 included). 
*Battery charger included. 
*3-year warranty on electronics. 
*Padded carrying case. 
*Made in USA. 
Stellar Series Color Changing Flashlight
The Sol Saber and Stardust Saber are screw on accessories for the Stellar Series Flashlight.

The Stardust Saber has multiple fiber optic cables that glow on the ends and light up the blade.

The Sol Saber has a single large fiber optic cable that glows throughout it's length.  

The Sol Saber is heavier than the Stardust Saber. Stardust Saber recommended for binary use.

Ants on a Melon, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on all Saber accessories.

*Stellar Series Flashlight Required
*Made in USA.
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Sol Saber Accessory
Stardust Saber Accessory
The Space Lace Fiber Optic Whip manifests as a flurry of shifting and changing colors resembling a magical jellyfish. The fiber optic cords vary in length, creating an image of depth and surrealism. 

Original: One single Space Lace Whip in one twist-on fitting.

Flare: Two separate Original Space Lace Whips in one twist-on fitting.

Trifecta: Three separate Original Space Lace Whips in one twist-on fitting.

Galaxy: Same amount of fiber optics as Trifecta, but with the same design as the Original whip, in one twist-on fitting.

*Stellar Series Flashlight Required
*Made in USA. 
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